70'' Aluminum Telescoping Microfiber Mop Pole
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70'' Aluminum Telescoping Microfiber Mop Pole

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This lightweight telescoping aluminum pole works with our 18" aluminum mop head and our 20" washable microfiber mop pads. The telescopic mop pole expands from approximately 40 inches to 72 inches. Telescoping aluminum pole has a rubber foam grip and plastic end handle.

Product Features

  • Telescoping - Adjustable height pole 
  • Comfortable with a rubber handle grip and lightweight                                                 
  • Easily clean your floors!  No more heavy, messy mops and buckets! 
  • Use with our AC25 Ultimate Floor & More Cleaner RTU or AC26 Ultimate Floor & More Cleaner Concentrate             (RTU = Ready To Use)

Weight: 11 ounces / 0.69 lbs.